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In The Flow, is a new paradigm of film making.

About the "In The Flow"  film making process

In The Flow, in many ways, has become my manifesto on film making. I've developed "rules" that my creative process follows. 

1. The story grows organically. 
2. Hire actors who come up with a part that helps the organic growth of the story. 
3. Create the film slowly to allow the creative process to breath. 
4. Don't be afraid of change. 
5. Try to make every idea work in the story. 
6. Make sure the film is about a big idea. 
7. Make a list of locations that add to the organic growth of the story. 
8. Don't follow any rules of film  making. 
9. Use every gadget of film making technology to maximize the production value. 
10. The story has to be entertaining all the time. 

Then, what's the story? 

Chiara, a psychiatrist on the verge of an kundalini awakening, writes a book, A Pure Life, which sparks a spiritual movement and the new Pure Life Coalition in Congress. The book’s success results in Chiara becoming the reluctant poster child for the Pure Life movement and a political target for adversaries of her Pure Life religious dogma. The series explores how she navigates her not-so-pure life in the shadows where friends and enemies lurk. 

What if you worked on ITF for 5 years?

Watch Director Richard Burns


Why did you do this nude scene?



In the Flow is an inspired series by filmmaker Richard Burns and Valeria Tignini. Their fused creative process has been given them a show that has a life of itself.

The way they work is by having a main frame of the show and the episode develops itself as the actors are in the room and all is influenced through their interactions with the cast, crew, and everyone involved. No one is not included, because the field is talking to us and both Richard and Val understand the power of the Universal flow, hence, "In the Flow". 

This pilot will reveal everyday issues we as humans have, but also something that we are not use to fame and fortune.  It takes us through a story of extraordinary experiences that Chiara goes through as she spiritually awakens through kundalini, but also how she deals with the matrix of life. 

It's mysterious, riveting and certainly brings expansion as Val is a walking conduit of energy and what she displays in the episode will surely leave you shocked. 

At the end of the episode Val will tie it together with a energetic transmission.

This is something that has never been done before. A total new paradigm shift in film series entertainment.

If you would like to support this cause in raising consciousness through tv, please become a patreon of the arts at,



Who are they, and why they were cast

All of the actors who were cast have a spiritual inclination to them, otherwise they wouldn't be involved in this project. Most of them are SAG actors and are committed to their craft.  

Joseph Casesse as  Oliver

Sonny Palmer  as  Darsh

Paola Moore-Pagano as  Caterina

Alan Steinfeld as  Jonny

Aasheeka as Aviyah

Evgeniya Orudzheva  as Lilith

Sabrina Cataudella as Patricia

Frank Craven as  Carl

Raffael as Rafael

Tatiana  Dellapiane as Adara

Diego Kelman Ajuz as   Carlos

Olivia Mallano as Patient 1

Chris San Pedro as Patient 2

Kelly Buxton as Melissa


Joshua Maddox as Cameron


Rory as  Sailor



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